Saturday, August 18, 2007

It could have been worse

I was making dinner yesterday while the girls were at the table playing with the beads that make these type of projects.

I was enthralled with what I was doing (making sure my yeast was active), when Avery says to me, "I can't get this bead out." I look over at her and she has her finger in her nose. Yep that's right Avery stuck a bead up her nose. I didn't really know what to do. We haven't seen a pediatrician here yet. I just called a nearby office to see what I should do. They said to take her to the emergency room. Luckily it's about 2 minutes away. I packed everyone up and we went. It took a doctor all of about 10 seconds to get the bead out. I didn't try to get it out and it had only been in about an hour by the time it was removed. The doctor said it was good I didn't try myself, that's when there are problems. The best part about it was that Avery didn't seem to mind at all. Actually maybe that is bad. It probably didn't scare her enough to make sure she doesn't do it again. So all in all, the first trip to the emergency room with kids wasn't that memorable!


Nancy Sabina said...

Naomi is not the type of girl to get into that kind of trouble - but Asher certainly is. I'm sure I'll be making plenty of ER trips with him
I'm glad cute little Avery wasn't too traumatized - but you're right about maybe not having learned her lesson. Good luck with that!

Brittany said...

I am just so impressed that you were making sure your yeast was active!

Nancy Clark said...

Last Sunday, on the way home from church, Tommy informed us that he had a button in his nose. We weren't sure if we should believe him or not, until he showed us his shirt cuff, which was indeed missing a button. Chris got a flashlight out and verified the presence of a tiny button way up in his nostril. Luckily, Tommy knows how to blow his nose, and that did the trick; we were spared from an E.R. trip that would have been our third this month!

Jason Young said...

How funny...but not so funny huh?!?!