Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When mom's busy

three lollipops are always better than one.

It feels ridiculous...

to post pictures of Christmas, but there were a few I wanted to remember, so here they are anyway.

This is what I love about Christmas day, still in your jammies playing with the new stuff. Ashby and her Lego's and Avery with her DS.

Luke got some new trucks and a new puzzle. The puzzle he doesn't really care about anymore, but the trucks and the trains are still full steam ahead, yea!

Avery got a scooter. And see Luke with the dart gun, was it his favorite? Yes. Did it cost the least? Yes.

Ashby got a new bike. It's a bummer to get bikes and scooters during the winter, but come spring it will be lots of fun!

Quilters: Look away now. I wanted to post a picture of this apron because I was so darn proud of myself. I stole the idea from a friends to give aprons to the girls' teachers for Christmas. I had a lot of irregularly cut squares that I didn't use for another project. I loved the fabric and still wanted to use it. So I sewed them all together knowing they were different sizes then sewed strips together hoping it would look purposefully skiwampus. I put a black background on, black bias tape around the edges and a black satin blanket binding for the tie. I was so happy how it turned out because it all came from my little brain. It turned out better than I imagined, yippee! I know the quilters are shuddering in horror at the imperfection, that's why I told you to look away and it's not my fault if you kept reading and then looked at the picture...