Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I can't say I've been there

Ashby has been quite into playing school. Below was the scene that met us last night for our family home evening activity. Ashby had been working very hard to get everything set up for us. This was our lesson. We had to guess what each picture looked like. She would usually just agree with whatever Roger or I suggested, but occasionally she would suggest her own idea.

I want to draw attention to the bottom row of pictures. The first, drawn in blue is obviously an elephant, right? Then Ashby asked what the next picture is, Roger suggested dinosaur, I immediately shot him down, I was sure it was a paramecium. However we were both wrong. Ashby said it's a picture of ear world, where everything is made of ears. How great is that? I would put forth that the evilest of all villains on ear world is The Giant Q-Tip.

I can't write about Ashby's funny comment without including one from Avery. Like I've said before she loves and I mean loves candy. We were eating puff pancakes for breakfast a couple of Saturdays ago and Roger was putting both powdered sugar and syrup on his. I couldn't let this go unnoticed and made a snide remark. He commented that he was working on going into a sugar induced comma. Avery promptly said "can I come?" It was so great. We laughed for quite a while. Undoubtedly she would be going too if she had her way with all the candy she could get her hands on.


Nancy Sabina said...

Oh my gosh! I love it! The ear and the sugar induced coma ride-along are truly what parenting is all about. How would we get through it without those little perks?

Nancy Clark said...

This is absolutely adorable! Your little girls are growing up and we're missing it... I'm glad we can follow along a bit here.

kawowski said...

How cute are they? Miss you guys.

Heather said...

Ear world, huh? makes you wonder what they think of that they don't tell you about!