Thursday, April 22, 2010

This happened

on Monday. I was downstairs, the kids were upstairs, I heard Luke screaming and went up and saw this.

It reminded me of this. Avery at exactly the same age fell and hit her face on the corner of the coffee table. Good heavens she's cute.

It also reminded me a little of this. Ok I wasn't exactly the same age, I was fourteen. Brienne Burkinshaw hit me with her shoulder and almost broke my nose, this was the souvenir. We were practicing a lift at a dance competition when it happened. There was blood everywhere and I had to sit out the competition. It made me look tough for 4.3 seconds in my life. On a side note, Roger likes to say I looked sickly skinny in this picture. For the record, I've never been sickly skinny, I was 5'8" already and weighed about 145 lbs. I've always been an ogre, but thanks for the thought Rog.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm off next year

This year on and around Easter we:

Wore new garb to church,

dyed and glittered eggs,

hunted for eggs at Avery's school and

at Brackenridge Park.

Did you notice the girls' haircuts? Have I ever mentioned how much their hair vexes me? I've finally come to the conclusion that since it's a little curly it will never look polished, it refuses to be tamed. They both wanted their hair short and I've never been so grateful. It's easy to comb and looks OK too.

Not pictured was Ashby's First Grade Easter Party. Turned out the room mother was out of town and the ONE other mother that will volunteer had to work. I was all alone on this one and it caused me a large amount of mental distress. It was this party that I'm blaming not one, but two forgotten Visiting Teaching appointments. Straight to Hades for me, but at least the first graders had fun. (I think, I didn't do an egg hunt for them and many of them voiced their displeasure, but they got to squirt water out of big syringes, that's got to count for something right?) This level of activity for a holiday that isn't Christmas is very much an over achievement for me and is unlikely to happen again. Good thing I have the pictures to prove it to the Future Therapists of America!

On another fun note we celebrated Roger's birthday

and went to Buck night at the Bucs game. Even though your $1 tickets are at the very top, we still enjoyed ourselves and the Pirates won!

Look, I was there too!

P.S. Would anyone be interested in me sharing the games and crafts I've done for school parties? I always have a hard time coming up with stuff, even on the internet. Let me know.