Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can you say F-R-E-E?

We were in search of some free entertainment this weekend. We found a couple things to do and it turned out quite fun.

We went down to Station Square in Pittsburgh. It's an old train station that's been converted to a mall. There are these fun fountains that have movements synchronized to music. The girls got a kick out of it. Everyone got a little sprayed which was perfect on a hot day. In the background you can see an old steel making furnace. Roger and I thought they were way cool. There's a couple difference old machines they have on display that workers used to make steel. Steel used to be the heart and soul of Pittsburgh.

It was too humid and hot, so what do we do? Camp inside. Yep we are wusses. The girls thoroughly enjoyed it though. Anything out of the ordinary is exciting. All four of us slept in the tent on Friday night. I can't sleep on the floor like I used to. It was a miserable night! Luckily not bad enough that I won't do it again though! Maybe next time we can suck it up and go to a real camp ground!

Who knew that tents and blankets downstairs could make a couple of kids so happy!

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Kelly said...

So fun! I'm with you, it was blazin' hot this weekend and I would NOT have camped outside. Glad you had fun in your living room.