Monday, May 11, 2009

A word of advice

to you Luke, I know you're excited about eating, I get excited too, but you need to learn to rein it in, otherwise dating will be really embarrassing for you. Love you son.

(The funniest part might actually be how bad I missed getting the puff in his's hard to see what you are doing through a camera ok?)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Teacher Appreciation

To recognize Ashby and Avery's teachers for teacher appreciation day, we did some serious cutting and painting. I swear I saw some notepads similar to these somewhere on the internets, but couldn't find it again, so I just did my own thing. We purchased some 3mm birch from the craft store. I then cut six pieces out of the sheet. The girls painted the wood pieces and drew a picture on a pre-cut piece of paper. We used mod podge on the dry pieces to attach their pictures. Then I drilled holes through the wood and paper (I may or may not have drilled a 3/16" hole in the kitchen table...) I then cut and punched holes in regular type paper. Put it all together and ta-da, a customized notepad. We also included a pen with each one. I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I was frustrated at my inability to find very good rings to attach everything together. The ones I used were a little flimsy, but did the job. I hope the teachers liked them; we sure do like the teachers!