Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The gargantuan post of things I consider to be both fun and exciting

Here's my unintentional once a month posting and it's chock full of goodness.
May was one of the busiest months we've had. Ashby was playing soccer and softball, Avery was playing t-ball and having dance class once a week. Roger was working a lot and I went to Utah for a week. There are only a few pictures, but trust me we had a good month.
June brought the end of school (YIPEE!!!). Summer has already been eventful and fun. We look forward to more sleeping in, playing outside and doing other summery things.

Look at my all way cooler than me siblings. Aren't they all so beautiful and handsome. I went to Utah for a week because my sister Katie (far right) had some surgery and needed help with her rugrats. I'm not going to lie to you, it was so fun to be away for a little while. Roger took the week off stay home with our kids. Katie and I had so much fun and I got a good dose of my other sisters and brother too.

Avery participated in her year end dance recital. And look Kevin, Kelly and Ethan were there too. We were very glad to be done with dance class and the recital was a great note to end on.

Try not to shudder in horror, but this, people, is my bathroom. Yes it's carpeted, why? Who knows. Note the red towel near the toilet. We had a leaking toilet a few months back and that section of the carpet had to go. I mean really you can only go up from here right? Did you note that I said Kevin and Kelly were here? They never get to come with out being put to work.

This is what they accomplished. Isn't is so great you could cry? Maybe that's just me. There is more to do in this bathroom, but if nothing else got remodeled, I would still be happy. I feel so much joy every time I go in there, I can hardly stand it. Did you know tile could make a person so happy?

We went camping last weekend at Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland. The weather cooperated and we had so much fun. There was a lake so we spent most of the day Saturday swimming. The kids had fun, well I know the girls did and Luke well he's a different story. There was always something going on that made him unhappy, at least he's cute.
This was our little cabin and we also had a tent pad. The bathrooms were just off and to the right, overall it couldn't have worked out better.

Luke ate sand and drank the lake water.

See that canoe? It's holding Kevin, Ashby, Avery and Roger. I think they had fun and no one fell in.

I hope there's much more of this this summer. Being outside and sharing a snack, is there anything better?