Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little ho hum

I really do like the summer, I really do. But at the same time I would like it a lot more if I spent three months in Lake Tahoe or at the ocean. About this time every summer I'm starting to feel ready for the structure and busyness of fall. That's my excuse for not blogging this time... anyway here are some pictures, mostly for my mom!

We had a pretty low key Fourth of July, but there were sparklers, always sparklers.

Roger had a business trip in Cincinnati and invited us to come along. We went to the Children's Museum while he was working. Luke is obsessed with lawn mowers. He was so pleased to see they had these in a toddler area of the museum. He tried to push it up the slide. I was a little sad to put a stop to it because I would have liked to see how far he could have gone.

We actually stayed in Covington, KY which is right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. This huge bell was in the nearby town of Newport. I couldn't really figure it out, but it was huge so I took a picture. It was called the Peace Bell, so there you go...

In June we had to make this rather unfortunate upgrade. Our fridge just stopped working, so we had to replace it. We knew we wanted a new fridge, but I didn't want one right now. There's still the business of the furnace that we need to replace, but I guess your food has to stay cold too.


After. We got this bad boy at the Sears Outlet. It's all dented, but who cares? The price was right and we have kids that dent stuff, it fits right in.