Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out with the sad and lame, in with the happy and homemade

This is the sad bag that I've carried all my church stuff in. Church stuff comprises of a 3 inch binder, a magazine, a notebook, scriptures, a small hymn book and a lesson manual; obviously not capable of fitting in a cute purse. I was tired of this 13 year old bag. How do I know it's 13 years old? It's the bag they give to missionaries when they enter the MTC. That means Roger's old. Anyway I saw instructions for this new tote and immediately knew it's destiny.

Instructions for this tote can be found here. I had never made anything with piping or a liner so I was a little nervous. It went rather well though, there was never any cursing or wishing doom upon my sewing machine and really that's the measure of success with a sewing project. It brightens my day to take it to church.

I've also figured out the reason for Luke's week long crankiness, his first tooth. Pictures to come when you can do something other than feel it with a finger.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reporting live

Another thing that I find so humorous is the news. I'm not a religious news watcher, it's too depressing, but every once in a while we catch the first few minutes of a broadcast. The other night we were watching the Penguins game and then the news started. The first report was about the Penguins game which they had won here in Pittsburgh at Mellon Arena. There was some brouhaha about the fact that the next game wasn't going to be broadcast on a big screen outside Mellon Arena. The woman reporting the story signed off by saying "this is so and so outside Heinz Field, back to you in the studio." I said to myself, wait, what? Heinz Field? Heinz Field is where the Steelers and the Pitt Panthers play FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL, not hockey. But did they just figure that since some kind of sporting activity happens there it's good enough? It's not the first time I've noticed that. Does the story just look more official if you're standing outside... somewhere? Awesome. This is Chelsea Worth reporting live from somewhere near my couch, back to you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I know what you're thinking....

"....she's not really doing another post about pirates." Indeed I am, except these are the less violent, play baseball type Pirates. It was buck night at the game tonight, so we ventured out of our winter cave and went down to the ball park. It was raining and cold, but still fun. Luke was amazing well behaved for the late hour. Roger went o-2 for pictures tonight, it was humorous enough to still post. For whatever reason I can't move these pictures around how I want, here we go anyway.
Luke and I tapped out at about 9 pm. This is after we drove home. Mind you it was two hours past bedtime. He couldn't stop giggling, how was I supposed to put him to bed?

Roger and the girls, so close to eyes open Rog, keep trying.
Luke and I trying to stay warm.
Roger, completely unsuccessful at eyes open.
Ashby enjoying a pretzel.
Avery lovin' every minute of it.
A note to you Somali pirates: it has been brought to my attention that you are wearing fatigues and not puffy shirts. Maybe, just maybe if you wore puffy shirts you wouldn't feel so violent and angry and want to steal stuff...think about it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter trip

We spent Easter weekend in Virginia with the Worth's. It was so great to see everyone, we have missed living there so much. We even went to our old ward. It was strange because the girls didn't remember ever going there and didn't really remember old friends. Two years is forever to kids isn't it? I of course was mom of the year and forgot my camera and was not into the usual Easter festivities. I sometimes feel so guilty that I'm not providing opportunities for my kids to have fun. I hope they will forgive me, or at least find a good therapist. They were very sweet in their new Easter gear. Again because I forgot the camera I didn't get a picture of Luke in his new clothes. He thought it appropriate to have a massive blowout during sacrament meeting (sorry again Kev). We managed a few pics with Kelly's camera, thanks Kelly.
Here's what baby-poops-a-lot spent Easter wearing. At least he smiled for me.
The girls on Easter. I was loving the yellow for spring, thanks mom!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another reason I'm a terrible person.

Because honestly, nothing makes my day like seeing a headline on CNN about pirates. I know it's completely insensitive and rude, but PIRATES! It does makes me wander around all day saying things like arrgh matey or yo ho and wondering whether or not I have scurvy.