Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It was Avery's birthday last week, she is four! She's hardly my baby anymore, but we still call her our baby. She wanted to have a party for her birthday so we invited over her three friends from Sunbeams (her class at church). She was so excited and I think had a good time; she was awfully quiet. Roger was out of town on her birthday so we celebrated with the family the night after. It turned into a birth week... how great is that? We sure do love our little Avery, she brings such a great energy to our home. I enjoy the differences between her and Ashby so much. She is so girly, where Ashby is not, it's so fun. Although Avery is four now and hardly a baby, she did fall asleep in the car the other afternoon and it just reminded me that she's not completely grown up yet!

Here is Avery with the present Ashby picked out for her. We opened these presents as well as did under the plates on Thursday night. Under the plates is a Worth family tradition where every one gets a few surprises under their dinner plates that they get to enjoy prior to dinner. Every loves it! There are more pictures of Avery on her birthday, they just need to be rescued from a wonky memory card, they'll be up later (I hope)!
We love you Avery!

*As a side note, I am still very much pregnant and unfortunately probably will be for quite sometime still.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We've had this dresser for as long as we have been married. I think my parents bought it sometime in the 80's. It was definitely time for a redo and I figured with the baby coming, it would be the perfect excuse to update it. I was really pleased with how it turned out. For under $25, you can't beat it for sure!
Here's the before. And yes indeed that was what it looks like most of the time except usually there are more things hanging out of the drawers, I'm not a very good drawer closer. I like to just shove the clothes in whether or not they fit.

Here's the after. I did a kind of antiquing technique that I learned from my sister. I know that this look definitely doesn't suit some people, so I'm not offended if you don't like it! The walls in the baby's room will be a blue gray and I think the dresser will look stellar in there. We have always used this dresser as a changing table, it works beautifully!

***If you were wondering, Roger did e-mail Dan Sheldon telling him he was a thief. He responded with as much sarcasm as Roger dished out. It was hilarious. Apparently the lack of full size Krackel bars is quite a concern.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Roger brought this to my attention today... Read the very last paragraph. Didn't we address this already? Thief!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A small update

I was looking over at the timeline on my side bar and indeed I have only about 3 weeks until my due date. I can't believe it. I thought I would give a quick update about how things are progressing. My belly is huge, but it's supposed to be right? Luckily I'm not that swollen yet. Tomorrow's forecast of 88 degrees may do me in though, by tomorrow evening I predict I will greatly resemble the Stay Puff marshmallow man or woman rather. The baby is kicking well. I went to the doctor on Friday and he is pleased with the baby's growth. All my babies measure small, this doctor seemed more concerned than previous doctors. When I went in for my glucose test, my sugar is right on the borderline. The doctor told me to cut down on the sugar. It's been a lot harder for me than it should be, but I'm trying. The doctor mentioned that he may want to induce me to prevent the baby from getting to big (but didn't I just say he was small? I know I'm confused too). He didn't say anything about induction on Friday which I think I'm grateful for. I don't really know how I feel about that. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Roger is going out of town again from September 22-24. What are the odds I'll go into labor while he's gone? My guess is that I probably will, but if he were to stay here, I wouldn't. Isn't that always the way it works? The baby's room is coming together. We are hoping to paint this week. I refinished a dresser and it's just about ready to be filled with stuff (pictures coming). I have felt extremely blessed through this whole pregnancy. I really feel rather good and probably am sleeping better than any 37 week pregnant woman should. I apologize for the randomness of this post, but I have hardly documented what's going on and know I will really regret it if I don't! I will post before and after photos of the bedroom and dresser as soon as possible, it seems we are ahead of my October 5th prediction for finishing.... yea.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A week of firsts

It's been an exciting and busy week around here. There were many firsts for us and it was so fun. It was the first week of kindergarten for Ashby. Seriously, there's a kindergartner that lives here? Crazy. Then it was the first day of soccer practice for Ashby. She has been more excited about soccer than anything else this week. In an effort to develop some of Avery's talents, she started dance class this week. She loved it and unfortunately is not so good with days so is asking me everyday if it's time for dance class again. It was also the first soccer game today. Both girls have been troopers with this busy week. Getting up early is going to take some getting used to, but we are excited. Ashby is in full day kindergarten and I can't believe what a long day it is. Avery and I miss her so much while she's gone. It's been very fun to move into this new phase of our family's life.
First day of school. Luckily the elementary school is eight houses away. I love that she doesn't have to ride the bus. Both girls complain the whole way that it's so far and they are so hot. It's rather humorous.

First soccer practice. Ashby had a great time participating in a circuit type practice. They practiced a lot of different skills, like passing, running, stopping the ball and of course scoring.

On our way to dance class. Avery did a wonderful job telling her teacher her name. She even remembered what her teacher's name was to tell Roger. I am particularly looking forward to watching dance class every week.

Before the first soccer game. Go Bears!! The format for the league Ashby is in is brilliant. They play 3 on 3, there's no goalie and there are only 5-6 kids on each team. The goal definitely is for everyone to play and for everyone to have fun. It was truly a joy to watch today. We loved it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Awww shucks

Oh y'all (I guess I should use the term youins, I live in western PA after all) are so nice. Not one person voted in favor of me admitting to a lack of street smarts, all thought it was indeed pregnancy brain that made me lock my keys in the car. Thanks everyone, you are all too nice. Hopefully the condition will reverse itself. When will it have been sufficient time for it to reverse? Right after I have the baby I will be so sleep deprived my decision making and memory will be poor. I guess I will quit using the pregnancy brain excuse about the same time I realize that the rest of this baby weight isn't magically going to disappear.