Saturday, January 31, 2009

Are we or are we not?

You may wonder whether or not we are true Pittsburghers because of our lack of public support for the Steelers. Well I'm pretty sure it's written in Pittsburgh law that if you live within a 50 mile radius of Heinz Field that you have to love the Steelers. We definitely do so we are definitely Pittsburghers! This town has been crazy this week, I love it. Ashby said that only two kids in her class of 24 were not wearing Steelers garb on Friday. They had better win tomorrow because I can't bear a month long city wide depression. I'm actually optimistic saying it would only be a month long, really it would probably last until NFL season starts again next fall. We have many a good snack planned for our party tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a picture if there's anything worth taking a picture of. And, oh yes, GO STEELERS!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The baby

I finally got some good pictures of the baby. He always looks like a deer in headlights when I try to take a picture, but these are pretty good. I really don't like my kids to suck their fingers, but at the same time I hate being a slave to the binky. I'm not sure what will happen with Luke yet, I still try the binky, but occasionally I catch him sucking the index and middle finger of his left hand. I know he thinks he's sneaky, but he's not fooling me.

Roger took this the other night and I love his sweet little face.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Christmas Crafts

I don't know that this interests anyone, but I thought I would share anyway. These are a few of the things I made this year. I didn't get as many things made as I would have liked, but it was fun all the same.
My sister Katie had a baby in June and my mom made my nephew a blanket with this fabric. I asked for the leftovers so I could make these soft blocks. That's a lion on the bottom left.

Trying to learn some embroidery + being really cheap when it comes to Christmas gifts= this gift for my mom.

Instructions for these have been floating around the internets and I thought Avery should have one for dance class. I think it turned out cute.

All the changes

I can't help but feel inspired today. Yes I voted for Obama, but I sat on the fence about it up until the morning of the election. However, as I watched the inauguration today, there seemed to be a tangible excitement about it all. It's been fun to talk about the election and the new president with Ashby. They've been learning about it at school and then we talk about it at home. It makes me want to become more informed and up to speed with what's going on.

There were some changes here on Atlantic Avenue as well. I cut the girls' hair this week and it's a big change; I love it.
Ashby before.
Ashby after. She wanted it really short but wanted it "to hang down a little bit." I hope we achieved that. The saddest part is that I seemed to cut all the curls off. It breaks my heart. She also lost two more teeth. She really lost one though, I think she swallowed it in the middle of the night. Is the tooth fairy still responsible for really lost teeth?

Avery before.

Avery after. Not quite as dramatic as Ashby's but I like it a lot.

The weather also changed and finally gave us some good snow. Roger has been working Saturday's so I sent the girls out by themselves the other day and they made this little snowman all by themselves. I think it's so cute.

And yes Luke does still live here. He's changing everyday too. He can roll over now, about two weeks ago he did for the first time and I was completely shocked. He refuses to roll over anymore, but I know he can do it. He has found his toes and pulls his socks off every minute. He can laugh now too. It's almost a full blown belly laugh and I can't get enough of it. I haven't gotten any good pictures of him lately but that's my mission this week.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It was the most wonderful time of the year...

There were baked goods to make (cookie cake, it's Santa can you tell?)

(cherry pie courtesy of Roger, nice work huh?)

Christmas Eve pajama pants to wear along with rain boots for spreading reindeer food outside before bed,
presents to open,

weddings to celebrate (Roger's little sister Karen and her husband Jared, yeah!),
dancing to do (cousin Kyle and Ashby),
more dancing to do,

and still more dancing to do (Aunt Stephanie and Avery),

and being really tired but making it to midnight on New Year's Eve!

We had such a great holiday filled with so many fun things. We slept in until 10 almost every morning. The girls had so much fun swimming at the hotel in Ohio with their cousins while we were there for the wedding. Roger and I stayed up way too late with my in laws, but didn't regret a minute of it. The only thing I could have wished for during this Christmas break was to see my family. I love you guys and I miss you a lot. I was so sad to go back to real life this week. Real life means walking Ashby to school in the bitter cold and losing Roger to busy season. But I can't help but think about how blessed we are and how fortunate we are to begin another year in good health. I am looking forward to this year as a chance to improve our lives a little each day.