Thursday, August 28, 2008

For Goodness Sakes

I usually have a pretty good memory. Well for dates anyway. Roger makes fun of me because I can remember people's birthdays and all other kinds of useless information. When it comes to useful information though, that's a different story. I had the worst brain blunder on Tuesday. I was at the park with my friend Kathrin. It was a beautiful day and the kids were playing so well. It was time to leave and I realized that I locked my keys in the car. So normally that's not so bad, you can just call your significant other and have them come unlock the doors right? Well Roger's in New York for work, nice huh? He did leave his keys with me, but where were they? On their hook at home? Of course not. They were also in my purse, locked in the car. Such a predicament huh? Kathrin again came to the rescue (she babysits kids all the time for me, she's a lifesaver). She has AAA, so we just called and had them come get the keys out. I can't believe what a doofus I am. Good thing for good friends who are willing to sacrifice to help out (Kathrin's son missed a music lesson, I'm a dirt bag huh?) The question I pose to all of you is this; can I blame this serious brain blunder on being pregnant or like my brother always says, do I have to own up to having no street smarts?

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Worth's Rock

We just returned from a vacation at the big house with Roger's family. I honestly felt like a kid again because of the amount of disappointment I felt when we had to go home. It was so much fun. The kids had such a great time with all their cousins and quite frankly I have the best in laws in the world, I couldn't get enough of them. Thanks everyone for such a good time, we can't wait until the next one.

I also wanted to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my last post. I do feel better about life and less anxious than I did. My sister-in-law Nancy helped me put everything in perspective. We love you Clarks and here's to happily ever after.

Holy Cow, look at all them kids. Picture was taken at a waterfall near the house we stayed at in West Virginia.

Holy Cow, look at all them kids again. This time at the talent show. They each have different animal puppets on their hands to demonstrate the story of Noah's Ark.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's time

It's high time for a good freak out. I realized today that indeed there are only two months until my due date. Ummm, yikes. I was explaining to Roger the stress I am feeling about this fall and he told me to stop talking because his head was going to explode. Nice. So what better way to let it all out then to blog. So Ashby's starting kindergarten and she has all of one pair of shoes that aren't sandals that will fit her and oh yeah, she won't wear them on the playground cause "stuff might get in them". She also has all of one pair of pants without holes that fit. Hopefully it will be shorts season for a while longer. This is just my first child to enter school and I'm already feeling the back to school pinch, yikes, it only gets worse huh? Avery's gonna need new clothes too because Ashby wore out everything in her size. She's really into skirts so maybe she can just wear the skirts she's been wearing all summer all winter and I'll just duct tape some down feathers to her legs or something. Oh yeah and did I mention that the baby doesn't have a place to sleep yet. Roger's been working late hours so I don't let him work on the room when he gets home because I want to talk to him (although maybe not after he told me to be quiet...). I don't own any diapers yet and who knows what the baby is going to wear. Some very kind people have given us some hand me downs and our friend Deanna gave us the first new clothes for the baby, but I haven't gone through and sorted anything yet because there's no where to put them... remember the room isn't done yet. Yikes, yikes, yikes. I guarantee I will be painting a bedroom on October 5th, wanna come help? So what's buggin' you?