Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer for a weekend

Really I'm glad it's not quite summer yet. Because summer in Pittsburgh means awful sticky heat. But we had a nice glimpse of an un-humid summer last weekend. After a long day of dirty, dusty demolition and sweaty yard work, what's the best way to cool down? A run through the sprinkler of course!
Ashby in action. She loved it. Last year she wouldn't go in the eye of the sprinkler, this year she couldn't get close enough!

Avery was a little nervous about it. She stayed mostly on the periphery.

Roger couldn't get enough either. How 'bout his swimsuit? I mostly like Avery running in the background, silly little monkey!


Kawowski said...

so fun, i long for a yard so we can run through the sprinklers, one of my favorite past times :0)

Kelly said...

I love sprinklers!!!

How's the garden?