Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I mean, they are stockings right?

We also put up and decorated our tree. We have never had a tree before and I am so thrilled with this one. I know it looks kind of skinny and maybe a little pathetic, but I seriously love it so much!
"You just decorated a Christmas tree, what are you going to do now?" Stand here against the wall and pretend like we aren't having fun.


Nancy Sabina said...

Are you sure this post wasn't all just an elaborate ruse to flaunt Ashby's shirt?

jk - They're very cute. And good job getting your decorations up already. You're tree looks great. I can see one of your stars on it and it (the star) looks great too.

Brittany said...

So much fun chels, I know what you mean about the tree. The first year we had our tree I honestly loved it. You probably remember how much I loved it cause you were here, it's just so nice to have your own house and your own Christmas tree. I don't why but it gives you such happiness!