Friday, November 2, 2007


Introducing Princess Avs and Panda Ashby. I thought they looked pretty darn cute. It apparently is serious business posing for photos on Halloween, no one would smile. Some of the definite highlights of the day were:
  • Avery and I going to the grocery store, she was the only one in costume and got lots of oohs and ahhs.
  • Avery's dress was long on her so she would hold it up in the front when she walked. She did that with a royalty like reverence, it was so funny.
  • The weather was unbelievably good for trick or treating. Neither girl needed a jacket, long sleeved shirts did the trick.
  • When the girls would trick or treat, they wouldn't hold their pumpkins up to let our neighbors put the treats in, they just held them in front of their bodies. The girls are short, so the poor people had to bend practically to the ground to land the treats in the pumpkins.
  • We managed to hand out all of our candy (really we left it in a bowl on the porch while we were talking to our neighbors and it mysteriously vanished....)
  • The girls did actually fall asleep prior to midnight. Hopped up on all that candy, I thought we'd be in for a long one!


Brittany said...

The girls look adorable. I love how much fun the hollidays get with kids!

Kelly said...

Halloween does look like serious business with these girls, smile for the camera! :)

kawowski said...

Cute kids! Love the costumes! Glad you had a good Halloween.