Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Great Thanksgiving trip

We had such a great time in Virginia for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much Nancy and Richard, Mom and Dad, and Kevin and Kelly. They made the trip truly wonderful for us. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Nancy's house followed by a movie with Grant's school projector on their living room wall (does it get much better than that?) Friday Margaret was kind enough to watch the kids while we had a day out with Bryan, Anna, Reed and Kyle. We went to Tyson's Corner and did a little shopping. I've never gone any where near a retail establishment on Black Friday, but it actually was quite fun. Friday night included dinner and a short Christmas program at Grant and Margaret's. Saturday included the watching of the BYU vs Utah football game at Kevin and Kelly's. GO COUGARS!! Apparently Roger and I put on quite a show while watching the game. If the Utes and Cougars could quit playing heart stoppers, we wouldn't make such fools of ourselves. We had a great time even with the humiliation! We left for home late Saturday night.

We had such a great time. Thank you Chris and Kim for letting us stay at your house, it was so great. We miss all our friends and family in Virginia so much. I caught myself a couple of times wondering why we ever moved.

The other great thing I did while in Virginia was cut off my hair! About a year ago I cut off 10 inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love. My hair was getting longer and longer and was driving me more and more crazy. I didn't have quite 10 inches to donate but luckily I found out about Pantene's new Beautiful Lengths program. They only need 8 inches. Anna agreed to cut off my hair. It's shorter than I've ever had it before and I love it! Luckily hair is not one of those things that I feel emotionally attached too. I plan on cutting it off to donate again as soon as I can. It's something that's easy for me to do, so why not do it? I may not be very good about donating time and money, but I sure can donate hair!

The boys (by boys I mean Kevin, Bryan and Roger) made this game more for themselves, but it got taken over by the grand kids. Avery was very serious about it.

Before, man that hair needs to be cut!

During the cut. You maximize hair to donate with more ponytails and really it's quite a fashion statement.

After. I was very done having my picture taken. Anna did a good job huh?


Brittany said...

Your hair looks really cute. I cut mine last week too. I love how excited you look about the pony tails too!

Nancy Sabina said...

Your hair does look great. And we had a great time too. Come back any time.

kawowski said...

Love the hair. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving trip. Next year maybe you can come to Utah No????

Go Cougars!!!!

Jolie Rodriguez said...

Love your hair! I'm ready to get mine cut soon. I had to break down and color it too for the first time a few months ago. Too many grays! What was an awesome game! We thought for sure that the cougs were done until the end. So, you weren't the only crazy ones in front of your TV!

Nancy Clark said...

1. I recognize the cardboard tube/ping pong ball game
2. I recognize the haircutting cape
3. Your hair looks great.
4. I miss you! Can't you come visit your parents, and we'll all play cards... :)