Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A question


In my effort to become a unicorn, I have sprouted a rather impressive pimple right between my eyebrows. I'd had it about a week when I tried to pop it, gross I know. I told Roger how gross it was and he made the comment "well it's all downhill from here." My reply was "thanks a lot, you think I can be uglier than I am right now?" He got defensive and said that's not what it's all downhill from here means. I have always thought that it means things will be worse if they are all downhill from here. Roger thinks it means that things are getting easier if they are all downhill from here. So what do you think? When you normally use the phrase, what does it mean? I'm so curious what other people think about this. Please vote in the poll.


Kevin said...

I'm with Roger on this one. But, as I told Kelly, there is a similar saying, "...things got crazy and it was all down hill from there." Now, that means things spiraled out of control and there was no stopping it (it got worse).

And it might be an upbringing thing. I can remember my mom answering people who asked if it was hard having ten kids. She would say, "After the fifth one, it's all downhill." Anyway, there's my two cents.

Kevin said...

A quick googling gave this link http://www.phrases.org.uk/bulletin_board/20/messages/865.html They explain it better than I did above(ok, Kelly, I'll go back to my homework now)

Brittany said...

I think it can mean both, just depends on what you're talking about. I would've taken it the way you did since you guys were talking about your body. However, Roger is fairly clueless sometimes so I would give him a pass.

Heather said...

Kevin's got the right idea here. Once "it" starts going down hill "it" gets easier, although not necessarily better. Going uphill is a struggle, going downhill may get better or maybe worse but it will be easy to get to that new point. I think that Roger meant at this point it will run it's course & there's not much you can do to fight it anymore, i.e.- the struggle part is over with.
Don't worry Raj, I got your back.