Monday, September 24, 2007

Pictures and progress

It's so rare to get both girls to stand still long enough to put ponytails and ribbons in their hair for church that I had to take a picture. They are very sweet. Also of note in the pictures is that we finally painted our living room. We had hated how the walls looked but have been waiting to fix it. There was this nasty fake brick on the wall in the entry that we needed to remove. It ended up being kind of an ordeal. We decided to take the sheetrock off and replace it. We had all the stuff (luckily) but it always takes forever to complete those types of projects. Roger was diligent and finished so we could paint. There is one wall that still needs some sanding and more mud, then paint, but we are amazing and delighted by the transformation already. We just decided to stick with something neutral because of the lovely pink carpet (who chooses that stuff?) We love watching our house transform and can't wait to finally get all our pictures up on the walls.


Kelly said...

love the paint, love the dresses, love the hair, love it all!

Sarah said...

Those pigtails are awesome! My poor girl has had ribbons in her hair only 2 or 3 times in her life. After the rubber band goes in I'm usually spent with trying to wrangle her. Way to go!

Brittany said...

The girls look adorable! Who said pink carpet wasn't stylish? I know I sure love mine!