Friday, June 15, 2007

The most unfortunate realization

I was driving in our little blue car yesterday listening to some of the Cd's in the changer and I had the most unfortunate realization. Something I have feared and thought would never happen, is slowly, slowly happening. I realized that my music preferences are starting to become outdated. I often wonder how that happens. Growing up it was always apparent that I didn't like all of the same music as my parents. Up until yesterday I always thought I would be far hipper and like whatever was popular. While there still might be truth to that, I realized I prefer what I know. When we lived in Utah there was a radio station that I loved. I realized that it was my gate to knowing what was cool in music. However since we moved in December of 2005, I haven't found any radio station that I like. So now I reckon I only listen to what's in the CD player. I can see the days of arguing over the kids music choices more clearly than ever before. So RIP hip, cool Chelsea, that knows what's up in music, it was a good ride!

If you are curious what's usually in the CD changer, here are the staples. What's in yours?

Always 1 or 2 Dave Matthews Band Cd's
Jack Johnson (Roger likes more than I)
Smashing Pumpkins
Pearl Jam
Counting Crows
The Backyardigans
Primary Songs
Jason Mraz
Sarah McLachlan

See all the awesome 90s bands, sad for me isn't it???

Note for post:
I realized about 30 minutes after I wrote the above post, that people don't really listen to Cd's anymore huh? Everyone has an i-pod, hmm how much more dated am I?


Nancy Clark said...

So true... Chris keeps a little more current on the music, but my tastes have always been hopelessly outdated. We finally got an ipod, which is great in the car for playing a mix that we can all be happy with. Who am I kidding... it's usually just playing kids songs. The current favorites are a Muppets album and a collection of Dr. Seuss stories. When I do get a turn, I like Shania Twain, Nora Jones, and any of Chris's music that doesn't include screaming lyrics that I can't understand. :) Oh, and we listen to lots of Weird Al, or as Michael calls it: "Weird Owl"

Kelly said...

We listen to CDs!!!! No Ipod here! I don't think I was ever really hip with the whole music thing. I just listened to whatever, I knew what I didn't like, but didn't have any really strong likes. . although I did go through this really weird phase when I was REALLY into Harry Connick Jr, probably b/c this guy I liked liked him, hmmm. . . I was kind of a nerd. . .

We have LOTS of mix cds, courtesy of Kevin/Itunes. I like it that way, it's hard for me to listen to a whole CD of one artist.