Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Avery Morgan

Of course I couldn't do Ashby Jane without doing Avery Morgan too. When I look at my girls together it seems shocking to me that they are sisters. Avery looks like the baby that I often dreamed about before I was a mother. I mean dream like literally would see a baby in my dreams at night and she looked like Avery. I thoroughly enjoy being Avery's mother. It's hard sometimes to talk about her and not compare her to Ashby. I will do just that, but only for a moment. It was apparent to me from the get-go how different Avery would be from Ashby. I could tell when I was pregnant with her that she would be much more active than her sister. When she was born, she really had little interest in just sitting and eating. She would rather look all around. For this reason she was a much smaller baby than Ashby. I also knew early on that Avery would be a force to be reckoned with. Where Ashby was and is rather easy going, Avery wants her voice to be heard about everything. It's this quality that I feel defines Avery at this stage in her life.

She wants to be independent about everything. Unfortunately for Roger and I, we forget sometimes. What happens when we forget? Tantrum city. I get yelled at once or twice a week because I forget to let her get out of her car seat by herself. I also love that quality. She is able to do a tremendous amount of things for herself. She will always try to do something by herself. She is quite adventurous and will try anything once!

The other thing about Avery, anyone that knows her can testify, she LOVES and I mean LOVES candy. There was a time a couple of months ago where candy was the first thing she would say in the morning. What's so sad about that is that it's all my fault. I like the candy too and since I'm pretty sure Avery can't get it by herself, it must be my fault!

Sometimes Avery's independence overshadows some of the other great things about her. There really are so many wonderful things about her. She is very smart. She could count to 15 when she was 18 months old. She loves to read books and she is quite a talented little artist. That's our Avery, we love her so much!

Ashby took this picture. That's Avs just relaxing.

Roger took this picture when we were hiking the other day. See that mouth full of Twizzlers?


Kelly said...

she looks so grown up! We miss our Avery too!! I loved it when Kevin would say "avery, you're funny!" and Avery would say "NO! Daddy's funny!!"
Or the times she wouldn't eat her dinner (that'd be most of the time!) when we were there and then come over to me with the saddest face begging for candy. . .don't worry, I didnt give in!
That's it, we need to come visit!

Heather Donaldson said...

I can't believe how big she has gotten! Both girls are just growing so fast! You guys need to come out for another visit sometime soon! ~Heather

Sam & Alisha Oldroyd said...

Both of your girls are so beautiful! I hope I can meet them someday! I miss you guys!

mindywalker92 said...

Your girls are getting so big, Mom! They are darling! It looks like things are going well for you in the new place!