Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ashby Jane

I felt so proud of my Ashby this week that I wanted to share a little more about her. She is such a great joy in our lives, she truly is such a good girl. The primary sang in sacrament meeting on Sunday for Father's Day. It melts my heart to see her up there. What is always so great everytime she sings with the primary, is that she is one of the smallest, yet she still knows all the words. She loves music. I wish I loved it more than I do so that I could give her more exposure. She catches on quickly to words in songs. She loves to sing in primary and at home.

Another rather amazing thing struck me while I was watching her on Sunday. For the first time ever I realized how much she looks like Roger. People say that to us all the time, but as a mother, I think it's hard to see that your children look like anyone other than themselves. I could have sworn though, that it was Roger up there in a lovely purple dress with his hair in a ponytail!

While she may look like Roger, she is exactly like me. It is startling sometimes to see so many characteristics of yourself in someone else. I don't worry for a second about how she will behave once she starts school. I know exactly how she still. She will be mortified if her teacher has to tell her to be quiet. I always know when she goes into a new environment that she will be good, whether or not I am there. I really love that about her.

She loves to learn and really likes math. Roger has been working some simple addition with her and she really enjoys it. I hope that will continue throughout her life.

When I was in eighth grade I decided to wear two t-shirts. It was something I did everyday. I don't know why, but it was a habit that continued until after I got married. Ashby came into my bedroom this morning dressed in two t-shirts. I had to laugh!

There are of course qualities of Ashby's that do not come directly from Roger or I. She is incredibly stubborn. I'm not sure if that's an age thing, but it truly astounds me sometimes. I am not that stubborn, nor is Roger. I first noticed it when she was potty training. I could not believe that she would not go to the bathroom in the toilet, no matter what. It was the most frustrating couple of weeks of my life! She also didn't walk or crawl until she was good and ready... stubbornness? Probably! I do hope though, that she will continue to be stubborn when it counts. I hope we can teach her to always stand up for what she knows to be right.

I love Ashby so much. It will truly be a joy to watch her grow and experience many firsts with her!

Can you see the two shirts? The ruffly sleeved one is under the printed one.

We happened to be in Virginia at the beginning of the month for joy school graduation. Ashby loved joyschool, we were sad to leave it. Thanks Brooke, Brenda, Kim, Marci, Erica and Jenny for such a wonderful time!


Nancy Clark said...

I love it!! I'm glad to know that you are finally able to picture Roger in Ashby's clothing! She is such a sweet girl, and lucky to have a mom that adores her!!

Kelly said...

We miss our Ashby!!! I still remember her giving us directions on how to take them to the park "you turn left and then you turn left and then you turn left and then your there, chalet woods park! And also another favorite of ours is "Kevin, you're a good colorer, you're good at coloring. Kevin, you're a good singer, you're good at singing. . " Always both sentences when complimenting. . .
Give her some loves for us. . .maybe we should move to Pittsburgh. . . .

Kelly said...

I forgot another couple of favorites about Ashby. How she would stand up in the front row with the Sunbeams and conduct the music with Kevin during primary even if he wasn't really conducting.
AND her paper she would take up with her in primary when she had to give the prayer.
Oh shoot, I'll think of lots more favorites but I probably should keep posting them cuz it's making me sad that you're far away now! :(

Julia said...

Hi there, my name is Julia Clark (used to be Dodge) and I was a friend of Rodger's growing up in Corvallis. I got linked to your blog through Nancy's blog and I hope you don't mind me taking a peek. You have adorable little girls. I wanted to comment on your CD playlist. In reading your realization I realized that I have almost everyone of your CD's in my changer also. I am sure that I will probably have that same music 10 years from now playing in my car (except for maybe the Backyardagins, hopefully the kids will be out of that phase). Dave Mathews, Sarah, Jack Johnson are about as good as they get so I can see myself forvever being outdated and embarrassing my kids with my "oldies". Great blog and keep it up. Tell Rodger hi from Julia Dodge(now Clark).

Nancy said...

What a fun post. We think Ashby is a great kid too!