Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Luke's birthday

Lukey Lu turned 2 in October. His birthday was on a Sunday and he decided to come into his Terrible Two's in style. He was really unhappy the whole day. I kept demanding that he cheer up, it was his birthday for heaven's sake, but he didn't listen. We sure do love this little boy though even when he's angry. He's a pretty thoughtful little boy and takes time to figure stuff out. He's our snuggliest baby by far. He really, really loves his daddy (I feel for you sometimes Rog.) He also loves trains and cars.
Was it wise to get him a hammer and something to hit with it? I'm not sure, but so far so good.

He could actually blow out the candles and I actually missed it with the camera, but here's the before.

A happy looking birthday boy. Happy birthday Luke, I love you too!

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