Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ashby's festivities

Ashby's birthday was also in October. She's our big eight year old now. She was baptized at church by Roger on her birthday. We were so lucky to have both grandmas and grandpas here as well as several aunts, uncles and cousins. Do you think I took a picture of any of these guests? If you thought I did because that would be smart, you are sorely mistaken. I was just looking through my October photos and it's horrible. I didn't take a picture of anything. I do know that Roger's brothers Bryan, Richard, Kevin and his sister Karen were here with their families. We had lunch after the baptism at church and I can't even tell you how wonderful it was. We had several friends stay with us for both things and their help and support was truly invaluable. I really feel awful I didn't take any pictures, but it was a wonderful day and I hope Ashby will remember it anyway. One thing I would recommend, don't let your daughter ask you to speak at her baptism because you will be crying so hard it will be nearly impossible.
That Sunday was also our primary program. The girls were so excited that so many family members were here to see it. The program was exceptional and added to the great day.
Here she is before church opening her new scriptures. I like Roger in the apron, don't you? We were shredding pork for BBQ sandwiches. He was smart and wore an apron, I was again unsmart and was already in church clothes while shredding and ended up with grease stains all over my skirt. Do you think I changed before church? Sure didn't. I went with the story that it was water and would be drying any minute.

Before the baptism. I can't believe she's eight. Ashby is such a good girl, she is the best example to her siblings and to her friends at school. I am often struck by her compassion and can-do spirit. Ashby we are so proud of you for making the choice to be baptized. I can tell your testimony is growing each day. We love you!!!

Ashby with her new Penguins shirt. After all the fun of the day, we still got to come home have under the plates, cake and ice cream and open presents. Look, look I did get a picture of a visitor... that's Baby J, Karen's daughter. We were lucky enough to have them stay with us for a night.

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