Friday, October 2, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

I've had all kinds of things to blog about, yet I haven't, so now I have to play catch-up. For my own sake I wanted to record all this, so you are all free to tune out.....................................NOW!

Kevin and Kelly were here over Labor Day. Kevin motivated Roger to get a project done. I'm happy to say that our kitchen is finally done. Before: no quarter round.

After: lovely quarter round. (It only took 2 years)

I hate and I mean really hate acting, any kind of it, like role playing, acting out stories, you name it, I loathe it. I forget that the girls don't feel the same way. They love it. They acted out the story of Abinadi and King Noah for Family Home Evening, it was great. I definitely have them do that more often, as long as I can stay out of it! Avery is Abinadi in chains and Ashby is evil King Noah.

Avery celebrated her 5th birthday. Where does the time go? I love you my sweet Avs.

The day of Avery's birthday we drove to Virginia to see our friends the Ellsworth's, to visit with family and to go to the National Book Festival. We had a great time. The girls saw Arthur

and Ruff Ruffman. (by the way, may I just say what a lovely accomplishment this is on Ashby's part, she used to be horrified of people in costumes.)

Luke and Blythe became fast friends.

I had to include this picture because it's what I like to call, "Washington Monument you are much to tall to get good pictures of, but we tried and look at the awesome results"

We had so much fun in VA. Thank you to everyone. And Chris and Kim, thank you a million times over for making the trip and for finding those awesome parking spots, let's do it again soon.


Nancy Sabina said...

Don't feel bad about the quarter round - my Dad put in our kitchen tiles two years ago. And he put the quarter round in this year when he came back and was horrified by the fact that we had never "finished" it.

Kawowski said...

ah i miss you guys:) can't believe Avery is 5, what??? when did that happen?

Jolie said...

so great to see your update. How fun! Miss you guys!

Kari Cole said...

Hey Chels... you are better than updating than I seems!! I too am finally playing the blog catch up game. I was previously two months behind and I am now excited to annouce I am only 1 month behind!! The nice thing... I totally cheat and change the dates. Ha!!

Kari Cole said...

loving the quarter round by the way.

-kim ellsworth said...

if you come to illinois we will find you even better parking spots...tempting, i know. we had so much fun, thanks for driving over. let us know when we can come to pittsburgh.

p.s. remember the time we went to that theater in fairfax to see the backyardigans and we did NOT go and take pictures with the cast?