Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All that jazz

For some reason this summer is weird. It's almost over which I have mixed feelings about, but I also kind of feel stuck in limbo. There's not much going on, not much I feel like reporting, but we aren't miserable either. It's just weird. This is kind of what we've been doing.

We've been trying to do a few projects. These took a couple of days, which was nice. The girls painted the faces and picked out the clothes. We're still working out what to do for arms. Right now they look like the less glamorous neighbors of Higglytown.

I found this plain white tray at Ikea. We decided to make a project out of it and send it to my mom for her birthday. The girls had a good time cutting up old magazines. I really liked how it turned out, I hope my mom did too.

The girls made a mailbox that unfortunately only kept them occupied for one afternoon. They love the mail, I thought for sure they would play with this for a couple of days. Oh well, we'll try something else.

We have been gardening again this year. It was amazing and slightly alarming how much our plants grew while we were gone for two weeks. This was our most ingenious idea this year, plant zucchini plants on our unused hill that used to house an apple tree. Last year this hill became a trash heap, we dumped all the yard debris and rocks from around the yard here. Roger and the girls worked hard getting it cleared out this spring and the zucchini have been incredibly happy here.

Roger spotted this in the yard a little while ago. Can you tell what it is? I really couldn't at first, but it's a baby rabbit. That's one of the funny things about this area, we have bunnies everywhere. They're just the wild ones, but i get a kick out of them nonetheless. We have never seen one this tiny though. I was really worried about it because they usually don't come out of their den until they are bigger. I think we've had at least 4 bunny holes in our yard this year. One day the girls and I watched the mama dig her hole for the babies, we saw this a few days later. I hope this little one was OK.
I had the very fortunate experience of getting a new calling at church on Sunday. I am now the Sunbeam teacher (teaching the 4 year olds). I'm so excited I can barely take it. We'll see how Sunday goes, hopefully I'll still feel as excited about it on Sunday evening.


Brittany said...

So crafty, I love it. I bet your girls love it too. That sounds like a fun new calling. I have absolutally loved being in primary. I think it is honestly the best place to be!

Kelly Jo said...

I was wondering what the calling situation ended up being, much different than what you were worried about!!
We have tons of bunnies here too, they stick around and we kind of consider them part of the family now.

Nancy Sabina said...

Those all look like great projects! Your girls are growing, too! Wait.. does this mean that WE're growing, too? Uh oh!

Kari Cole said...

Your Zucchini looks awesome- we have really been struggling with our garden this year. We have gotten a little bit, but nothing compared to the yeild in past summers...bummer. Its still fun to have a garden though, and we are getting a little bit from it. How fun to have little bunnies around! We've only had frogs, grasshoppers and snakes in our backyard... and a crazy dog- but I suppose she is sorta part of the family.

Kathrin said...

The tray for your mom turned out great!