Friday, July 31, 2009

What we found

We found a fun place to swim last weekend. It's a local reservoir that has a little beach. When I say little I mean like you can only swim out about 100 yards before the buoys tell you that you cannot pass because there are boats. It was perfect for our little family. The price was right too, only $2 for the whole family.

This is what Luke did the entire time. He's absolutely fearless and really didn't care when the water got too deep. It is worrisome indeed.

Ashby enjoying the lake. I was standing on the sand and took her picture, you can see the you cannot pass buoys in the background. It was small indeed.

Avery preferred digging in the sand over swimming, I can't say I blame her. The water was a little too murky for me too. On a side note, what happened to me? I didn't use to care about murky water, now it kind of gives me the heebie jeebies.

The kids getting ready to pull out.

I also wanted to include these pictures from the fourth of July. We have a new point and shoot camera and I won't ever be able to use more than half the functions on it, however I did find this cool night scene setting and it was good for catching some sparkler action. The best thing to do with sparklers? Write your name of course, this is Ashby's y.

Avery was fixin' to lasso her something good, probably a candy bar or some lip gloss.


Kelly Jo said...

love that cute little bum in the air! Fabulous sparkler pictures, nice work. Miss you guys, give the kiddos kisses from us!

Brittany said...

Love it! Sometimes when you can find places like a little reservoir it is way better than something big. Especially with young kids. It looks like you guys had fun.

Kari Cole said...

looks like fun! I'm not so into murky water either... used to be braver (or something), now it creeps me out as well... maybe we are just getting old.