Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All the changes

I can't help but feel inspired today. Yes I voted for Obama, but I sat on the fence about it up until the morning of the election. However, as I watched the inauguration today, there seemed to be a tangible excitement about it all. It's been fun to talk about the election and the new president with Ashby. They've been learning about it at school and then we talk about it at home. It makes me want to become more informed and up to speed with what's going on.

There were some changes here on Atlantic Avenue as well. I cut the girls' hair this week and it's a big change; I love it.
Ashby before.
Ashby after. She wanted it really short but wanted it "to hang down a little bit." I hope we achieved that. The saddest part is that I seemed to cut all the curls off. It breaks my heart. She also lost two more teeth. She really lost one though, I think she swallowed it in the middle of the night. Is the tooth fairy still responsible for really lost teeth?

Avery before.

Avery after. Not quite as dramatic as Ashby's but I like it a lot.

The weather also changed and finally gave us some good snow. Roger has been working Saturday's so I sent the girls out by themselves the other day and they made this little snowman all by themselves. I think it's so cute.

And yes Luke does still live here. He's changing everyday too. He can roll over now, about two weeks ago he did for the first time and I was completely shocked. He refuses to roll over anymore, but I know he can do it. He has found his toes and pulls his socks off every minute. He can laugh now too. It's almost a full blown belly laugh and I can't get enough of it. I haven't gotten any good pictures of him lately but that's my mission this week.


Kelly Jo said...

Yea for Obama! Yea for hair cuts! Yea for change all the way around. You couldn't help but be excited about it there in VA.

*kimberly said...

um, when did avery get so big?! she looks so grown up!! we really do need to hang out...before the snow melts...so i guess i really should get on that....

Nancy Sabina said...

I didn't vote for him but I still felt excited for the new potential that he has.

The girls look great. You're brave to do their hair yourself.

Brittany said...

Your girls are so cute! That same thing happened to my neice Hadley. When my sister cut her hair, it just wasn't ever that curly again. Her hair has a little wave to it. We miss you guys!

Mandy said...

Good job on those hair cuts! I'm not looking forward to losing any curls either. They're so darn cute.

I love the snowman and the adorable winter hats too, but especially the little girls in them.

Jolie said...

New year, new president, new haircuts...change is good. I wasn't a big Obama fan, but I'm on board now. He just be the man for the job!