Thursday, September 4, 2008

Awww shucks

Oh y'all (I guess I should use the term youins, I live in western PA after all) are so nice. Not one person voted in favor of me admitting to a lack of street smarts, all thought it was indeed pregnancy brain that made me lock my keys in the car. Thanks everyone, you are all too nice. Hopefully the condition will reverse itself. When will it have been sufficient time for it to reverse? Right after I have the baby I will be so sleep deprived my decision making and memory will be poor. I guess I will quit using the pregnancy brain excuse about the same time I realize that the rest of this baby weight isn't magically going to disappear.


Nancy Sabina said...

I think you should keep using the baby as your excuse until a week before you proclaim that you're pregnant again. That way you have a running excuse like I do! (not that I'm making any announcements right now - I'm still using Isaiah as my excuse...and he's 15 months old!)

Kawowski said...

I like Nancy's idea! You should wait until the baby is at least sleeping through the night, then you have teething to blame it on!

Jolie said...

hmm, what's my excuse? My baby is 2+ and I still have lack of brain function. I think preganancy and child rearing just eats away your brain cells...I'm convinced. Yesterday I drove 3 blocks with my emergency brake on. Realized the car was making a funny clicking noise. Got out of the car, looked under to see if some kid's toy was stuck. I'm sure the neighborhood wondered what I was up to! Oh well, at least my kids have food (sometimes) and clean clothes (not all the time). What more can you ask for???