Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do you remember?

I've kept our list of New Year's Resolutions in my line of sight since we made them seven months ago. Remember those? I actually didn't really make resolutions, but I did make a list of things I wanted to do better. I thought it would be time to evaluate and since I'm shameless, why not evaluate for the world to see? Here goes:

  • Getting out of debt. Unfortunately this isn't going as well as I would like. Don't get me wrong, it's not really any worse, just not as good. See the problem is that I like to go out to eat, way too much. It's gets me into trouble. Roger and I were talking the other day and we think we are doing better than we were a year ago and as it stands today, I haven't been out to eat this week (hey, come on, I'm into small milestones OK?)

  • getting healthy. I really wanted to lost 40 lbs this year and so far I'm up 10. That could be because I'm pregnant though and not really because I'm that unhealthy. Granted I could be doing better, I have such a sweet tooth, but I'm feeling recommitted to working hard at health, because not only do I benefit, but so does the new baby.

  • Gardening. If I had to sum our garden up in one word it would be hilarious. Wait you don't associate humor with your garden? Well then you must be doing something right. We were so excited that we planted way too much stuff in a really small space. Did you know that zucchini plants get HUGE? They have taken over everything. They are almost as bad as the cantaloupe. It's like a rapidly spreading virus or something, it's everywhere. I was going to take a picture, but it's really too embarrassing to share. I will however, share this photo of our first zucchini, I think I let them get too big, but they'll be alright. Yes, Avery, they make me a little nervous too.

  • Being prepared. This is actually going better than I thought. I managed to get our 72 hour kits together. I just need to rotate them now. I also got this cool plan for building up to a three month food storage. We also started a canning class at church. So far we have only made strawberry jam and man it's good. I haven't done that much canning so I'm really excited about learning as much as I can about it.
  • Building a strong family. It's always hard to tell how that's going, but we are healthy, happy and trying our best to spend good quality family time together.

How are your resolutions going?


Kelly said...

avery looks a little disconcerted about those zucchini, I promise, zucchini bread is REALLY good!

Thanks for the update! Um, I don't think I made any resolutions, is that bad? it's certainly not that I can't improve on anything, I just didn't make any resolutions. . .oops!

Heather said...

Hey the very fact that you still remember or are checking in on the progress of your goals is a step in the right direction! I have a lot of guilt right now over our "unpreparedness", especially food wanna pass along what your cool plan is?? I'd love to know! Oh, yeah...let's see a pic of that hilarious garden; I could use a good laugh!

Mandy said...

I hear you about the zucchini plants. The plants in our last garden mus not have been too great, because this year they are much bigger. Someone or something broke off a good chunk of one of the plants, and I didn't mind!

I didn't make any formal resolutions. I don't do so well with those. I am working on regular scripture study, and doing well. I am working on being a better, more patient and inspiring, and less controlling mom. I think I mess up every day, but I think I can still say I'm getting better. I'm working on not nagging my husband no matter how frustrated I might get. I think this is working out pretty well, though I'm doing more work! (Maybe that's a good thing too. No lazy bones.)

Jolie said...

I remember you telling me about wanting to start a garden. You did matter how it looks. I would like to see a picture. You must be doing something right, those zuccini are huge!

Nancy Clark said...

you're so good! i have been terrible about resolutions and accomplishments lately. i'm just happy that my kids are alive... :)

Heather & Nate said...

Hey Chelsea,

It is Heather Petersen from High school. I found your blog through the Sjoblom's as I was blog surfing. Your kids are adorable. How are you doing? We have a blog also that is private. Email me at and I can invite you if you want!! Keep in touch.


Kari C. said...

Love your Zucchini!!! This year will be our 5th gardening experience and I think we learn something new each time. You'll be able to chalk your virus spreading plants up to experience!

Tanji, Jimmy and Baby Jay! said...

Chels! Hey, I know this is random, but I got this from Kimmy's blog...anyway, wanted to say hi and that your girls are dang cute!

The Lewis Scoop said...

dude that zucchini rocks! I've opted not to make new years resolutions in order to avoid having to kick myself quite hard in the hind quarters. So far, so good!