Friday, July 18, 2008

Catching up

I am way behind in my posting; I'm going to blame it on some camera malfunctions.... In an effort to catch up and really just to have some record of our summer, here's a catch-up-lots-of-pictures post.

I call this ghetto summer fun. We got a swing set free from craigslist and when Roger went to take it apart the ladder for the slide broke off. So now we just have a couple of swings and a slide and what better to do with a ghetto lone slide then put it in the ghetto kiddie pool? Tons of fun.

The carnival was in town again and we had so much fun. We never stay long or spend too much, but the girls really have a good time. Even though we had just been to Kennywood, they still had fun.

We also turned this:

into this:

We made strawberry jam a few weeks ago, this week was red and black raspberry. It's so satisfying to have 8 pints of homemade jam on my shelf.

Other than that, we are just trying to stay cool and keep busy! We love summer!


Daniel, Lyndsie and Makai said...

I love your ghetto summer fun! Such great memories for the girls. They are so cute! I wish I could make homemade jam--Mmmm.

The Powells said...

you have such cute girls, they are getting so big

Kelly said...

I love Avery's little skirts! But more importantly, Ashby's my girl with those sunglasses!! I never leave without my shades.
So, you're bringing the jam to the reunion, right?

Jolie said...

Can't beat good ole fashioned summer backyard summer fun. I'd give anything to have a summer of just RELAXING! I think the "ghetto" toys we make ourselves are usually the best and most fun! Everytime I see a pic. of your girls, I can't believe how much Ashby is Roger and Avery is you! You have the cutest girls! I wonder who the next one will look like?

Windy said...

Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea!! I am so excited to hear from you. I have often thought about how you have been too. Look at you fun little mommy!! Look at your cute little curly haired girls. Please keep in touch. Where are you living now? Are you going to the reunion? It is funny because just this last week I have gotten in touch with so many people from high school. Good Times Good Times!!! You can email me at

kim ellsworth said...

um, what is not to love about sliding into a pool? your jam looks great...thanks for reminding me that i am way overdue in making jam!