Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day randomness

Valentine's Day has always stressed me out. It's not quite as bad now as it was when I was younger, but still, I don't enjoy it. For one thing the holiday celebrating love is much, much too cheesy for me. I'm just not so into hearts and stuffed animals. That being said it's still not as bad as it used to be. I used to be a ball of stress about Valentine's Day when I was in elementary school. I used to stress out so much about who was getting what Valentine and what I was going to write on them. I couldn't have any of the boys thinking I liked them, that would be too embarrassing. As I got older and exchanging Valentines wasn't something you did anymore, things were better. As a matter of fact Valentine's Day was usually pretty fun in high school. No one ever had a boyfriend so we would all go out together to eat, very fun. Now that I'm married, I tell Rog I love him every day anyway, so Valentine's Day doesn't seem much different. Not to mention that our anniversary is on the 17th of this month, so my memory can't differentiate between the two holidays, it's all a bunch of red and pinkness.

I have, however enjoyed Valentine preparations this year. Ashby has been out of school because of snow yesterday and today. We made Valentine sugar cookies yesterday and it was pretty fun helping the girls get their Valentines ready for school and story time. We have also tried to start a new tradition. A couple of years ago when we lived in Utah, we wanted to go out to eat with our friends Jamie and Brittany. We went to three or four different restaurants but the wait at each was about 2 hours. None of us thought ahead to get reservations. We ended up getting take out and taking it back to our house. We took Ashby with us and since then I have wanted to do something special on Valentine's Day with the whole family. For us, our anniversary is when we want to get the baby sitter and go out. Last Friday we took the girls to Red Robin for dinner. We haven't gone there in a while and it was really fun. I will definitely look forward to doing something fun as a family for Valentine's Day in years to come.

Our neighbor gave these window clings to the girls. They love them. They say I Love You in about 9 different languages.

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Brittany said...

Why is it that Holidays become so much more fun when they are centered around the kids? Valentines this year was fun, because Grace was so into it. The only way I could get her to let me take down our Christmas decorations was to tell her that we could put up Valentines. So we did window clings and things like that. Then yesterday we made cupcakes and bought some valentines to take to her friends. She was so excited to give her friends their valentines. It made me so happy!