Thursday, October 11, 2007

The visitors

OK not like from another planet like it sounds, just from Utah. My parents came for a visit just a few weeks ago. I've been really slow to update the blog, it was protesting pictures last week and I'm just barely trying again. We had so much fun with them here. We did lots of fun things as well as lots of relaxing! Roger was off the whole week which was so unbelievably nice. Here's a load of pictures to prove the fun!

Avery wants to be a princess for Halloween and her birthday was the perfect excuse to get a princess dress. Thanks mom for accommodating! Ashby fell at school and skinned her nose, lovely huh?

Grandma also brought their Christmas presents. These dresses were too darn cute to not let them wear already. I love it when they will wear matching dresses!

Here's a view of downtown Pittsburgh. We rode the Duquesne (pronounced Doo-cane) Incline up to the top of Mt. Washington and tried to take pictures of the breathtaking view. The incline was built in the 1800s to get workers from their homes on top of the mountain to work near the river. They had a museum up at the top where we learned lots of cool stuff about Pittsburgh. They had these amazing old newspaper photos from right around the turn of the century that showed Pittsburgh in the middle of the day, but it looked like night time because of all the pollution. Pittsburgh definitely benefited from pollution restrictions.

Ashby and Grandma looking beautiful in brown!

We took a fun trip to Wilmot, OH. There we met one of my mom's friends that she met through work. Joann told up about the world's largest cuckoo clock. Unfortunately the actually cuckooing was rather anti-climactic, but we enjoyed the buffet lunch. After that we continued west into Amish Country. The drive was absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed a day of shopping in Berlin, OH. There were so many fun homemade things to look at (we tried not to buy!)

Another definite highlight was the dinner cruise on the three rivers. The view was amazing. Here's our little family on the boat.

We love you Grandma and Grandpa!

Also while they were here we canned grape juice, went hiking at Harrison Hills Park and ate lots of good food! We miss my parents a lot and were so glad they could come for a visit.


Nancy Clark said...

Are you exhausted?! What a fun trip! The girls look adorable, scraped noses and all.

kawowski said...

Wow I bet it was nice to see your parents. Wish you guys could come out here for a visit now! When will that be???? Glad you got to have a good visit and yes the girls do look adorable.

Brittany said...

It certainly sounds like you all had a good time. It looks like you guys were able to do a lot of fun stuff. Had you guys done a lot of that before, or first time? I bet your parents wished they could stay forever!

Hollywood said...

I love the world's largest cuckoo clock picture! Sorry that the actual cuckoo wasn't to your satisfaction. Those dresses for your girls are really cute! I actually had those exact same dresses in my cart for my two girls but then at the last minute decided to spare my pocketbook. But man, now I'm reconsidering.

Any great dreams of me lately? Stalker.