Thursday, November 13, 2008

Goodbye forever

We've had some big changes around here in the last month or so. The girls have grown up a lot in the last month and it all started at the dentist. I took the girls on Oct. 27 and Avery received a stern talking to about her thumb-sucking. The dentist said he likes them to stop sucking their thumb at age 2, we were well past that. He talked to her about it and we reinforced it at home and I'm happy to report that she has tremendous will power and no longer sucks her thumb. Well we don't think so anyway. She only sucked her thumb with her blanket and blankets have been confined to the bedroom for the past year or so, so it's actually hard to know that she doesn't suck any more. She says she hasn't been and I'm inclined to believe her. Ashby also had some major changes. She gave up her blanket, yep we're terrible parents, she was 6 and still sleeping with a blanket. She has done great, despite what she thought. Prior to taking the blanket away, the thought of sleeping without it struck such fear into her heart it was sad and a little scary. Anyway I thought I would show a progression of blanket use in our house. Brynn please don't feel bad about the condition of Ashby's blanket (she made it), no other item in our house has been as loved!
Exhibit A: See it there by the couch?
Exhibit B: Summer 2004
Exhibit C: 2005
Exhibit D: 2005, this is the earliest recorded evidence of Avery's bad habit.
Exhibit E: it's starting to fray a little, can you see it?
Exhibit F: she sure is cute though.
Exhibit G: Look at those strings hanging down, but still mostly intact.
Exhibit H: both girls showing off the infatuation.
Exhibit I: this is the last picture I have of Ashby with her blanket and it was 2 years ago. It still looks pretty good huh?
Exhibit J: this is the blanket today. I guess it would be mocked by other blankets for it's obvious lack of blanketness, but Ashby didn't mind. I put it in a shoe box and contemplated burying it in the backyard, instead I just put it in Ashby's keepsakes box. Hopefully she'll laugh about it later.


Nancy Sabina said...

Wow! It's a miracle that thing lasted as long as it did, I think. Holy schamoly! But good for the girls for taking those big scary big-girl steps. I think I'm about to emark on a mission of complete pacifier removal - for both boys. ...myabe I'll wait until after our two day car trip to Texas.

Kawowski said...

Oh Chelsea that poor blanket! I am SO incredibly happy that it was used and LOVED so well! Thank you Ashby, that makes me happy! Good luck with the no thumbsucking, Noah still sucks his thumb and we can't get him to stop AHHH!

Jolie said...

Well, my kids LOVED and LOVE their blankets. Oliver even still has his that he brings out every once and a while and he is 15 (if he knew I mentioned this, he would kill me!) My mom recently knitted another one for Audrey's birthday that looked and felt like her baby blanket, but was big enough as an end of the bed blanket. I even love my blanket...ah comfort.

Brittany said...

Are you kidding me? That is hilarious! When I think of Ashby I totally think of her sitting with her blanket! That blanket has been loved that is for sure!

Mandy said...

That is hilarious!!! It's so cute to see pictures from when they were younger. The "babyness" goes away so fast.

Everett loved his blankie so much that I cut it in half so I could wash half at a time. He is not very attached to anything now.

Windy said...

My 3 yr old still sucks her thumb and has a blankey. My husband has been more stern about it. My baby too sucks her thumb...ahhhh. Braces braces here we come haha. You are a better mom then me. Especially just having a baby. You are brave to get rid of them so quickly. My son, 5 still sleeps with his teddy and blankey every night. He does not carry his around like my 3 yr old though. Haha. My husband hates finding the blankets in the house. hehe so funny.

Valerie said...

That blanket is awesome! I have a feeling we'll have one just like it in a few years...!

Kelly Jo said...

oh man, this is historic, forget the first black president, this is way bigger!
I looked at those pictures and can't believe how big they are now!

And come on, what's this whole, no pictures of Luke. . .we need to see the cheeks!

Heather & Nate said...

Okay, I am glad you blogged about this thumb-sucking thang!!! My little Brooke is absolutely ravenous on her left thumb. We keep pulling it out because we are afraid she will get hooked.....I think we are already there. She even tries to sneak it and she is only 6 mths old....what? Anyway, I am glad you shared your remedy for this situation...hehe! I not going to stress about it anymore, or at least try to.

Kari C. said...

okay....I think we have everyone beat- or maybe I should say, we are the losers. My 6, yes SIX year old still sucks her thumb. I mentioned it at the dentist, who didn't seem concerned. I really wish we would have gotten a lecture. I thought maybe when we started kindergarten the other kids would make fun of her- no such luck. Now she is in 1st grade. I thought maybe she just does it every once in a while at home, mostly when she is tired. But, No!! I have helped in her classroom and watched her sitting at her desk sucking away!! How sad! I'm not sure what to do. We have been trying to help her stop since she was two. We explained to her that she is really messing up her teeth, only baby's suck their thumbs, yada yada yada. She doesn't care. She says she can't stop. What is a mother to do? For the past year or so I haven't pushed the issue, we usually just politely ask her to remove her thumb from her mouth. This next dentist appointment I may bring it up again though! Thanks for listening!! I should have just made a post on my own blog...didn't realize I was so passionate about the subject until I started typing... could keep going probably, but I won't do that to you.

Kari said...

That's hilarious!! My little Kate has a blanket that's on it's way to looking just like that. Right now it has a big hole in the middle and she wears it like a poncho!!

kim and morgan said...

That is hilarious! That is the blanky of all blankies. Love it!