Monday, January 14, 2008

This is so cool

Regardless of the ethical questions involved, you've got to admit that this video is pretty cool.

Researchers at the Univeristy of Minnesota have taken a dead rat's heart, stripped it down to a gelatin mold and then made it beat again. They injected the mold heart with heart cells from a newborn rat and made it beat again. They are now moving on to research with pig hearts. Pig hearts are so similiar to human hearts that they can be used in a person. The scientists are also working with other organs such as, livers, pancreas, kidneys, etc. What that could mean for patients on an organ transplant list is truly amazing.


kawowski said...

Wow that is amazing! What will they come up with next. Imagine what wonders they could work in the future!

Brittany said...

Hey random question, but how do you know Lindsey and Joseph Baird? I was looking at their blog, I know I am nosey, and I saw a picture of Janice Baker who is in our ward and it sounds like she is one of their moms? Anyway I could be completely wrong. Just wondering.