Saturday, December 8, 2007

Free rice

I was perusing yesterday and came across a site that I thought was way cool. It's called Here's what you do: for every vocabulary word that you can correctly identify the definition, they donate 20 grains of rice to people in need. It actually is a legitimate thing. They work through the United Nations and the advertisers on the site pay for the rice. It's pretty addicting too. I like to think that I'm smart and know what words mean and I felt like I did pretty well. For every 3 words you get right you move up a level. There are 50 levels, but they say that hardly anyone goes above 48. My highest level so far is 38. What has been funny about identifying the words, is that I know most of them because of the scriptures. Whoever said that reading scriptures was a waste of time?


Nancy Sabina said...

I'm totally addicted! I made it to 36 so far but I am determined to make it further! Richard was asking how I know all these words and I said "it's one of the perks of actually READING." I don't necessarily know the exact definition of all the words, but I can see it in a sentence and get the gist of it. Very fun. Thanks Chels.
And by the way, the stars look GREAT on my tree. The stuffed ones are especially wonderful -they seem to glow if a light is behind them.

kawowski said...

Hi Chels, for the chocolate covered pretzels I just used play old chocolate chips (milk chocolate) and white chocolate chips and I just bought some Andes mint peppermint chips I am going to try. They are delicious. I am glad you got our card too !

Kari said...

It's funny how my 8th grade vocabulary words were coming back to me!! I'm going to challenge Paul to a round tonight...wish me luck!!