Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Then and now

I can't believe it has been a whopping six months since my last post. Don't worry dear blog, I have not forgotten you. So much has changed in six months, here's just a part.

First the biggest change


We moved back home in July. I didn't take one picture of the drive out. I can't believe it either. It was a great drive out. We did it in four days. We were off the road every night by about 7 so that we could eat dinner and swim at the hotel pools. That made all the difference in the world. The kids did great and I would drive across country again in a heartbeat (not to move though, just vacation!) Roger transferred with Pricewaterhouse coopers and he is now working most weeks in Los Angeles. It is working out better than we could have hoped. I am so thankful to be home. The move was one of those things that when I look back I can't believe it worked out. We honestly hardly fussed about details, we were more action oriented. That could go horribly wrong but it didn't. I can't help but marvel at how tremendously blessed we were through the whole experience.

(Horrible sunny cell phone picture)
We closed on this house in Sandy at the end of September. The best news about it was we knew we were buying it before school started so the girls started at the new school. I was so worried about changing schools, it has turned out beautifully. We love our new house. There's plenty of room if you need a place to stay... (we still own the other house, if you need a house in Pittsburgh, let me know)

Ashby age 8, Avery age 6 and Luke age 2.

Ashby age 9, Avery age 7 and Luke age 3. The three oldest celebrated birthdays within the last month. Phew we made it through another birthday season!

Liam 3 months old. Can't do much of anything yet...

Liam age 7 months. He can crawl on all fours and he has an alarming 6 teeth! A few months sure does make a difference.

There's no way I can catch up on all we've missed. We have been enjoying life and have adjusted well to the move. Thank you to everyone who helped us get out here and helped us once we were here. We are so truly blessed and are watched over in every aspect of our lives. Yay for more blogging!


Nancy Sabina said...

Well, a tardy post is better than no post at all! We sure miss you guys. Your new house looks beautiful and I'm glad you guys are so happy.

mamamia said...

Wow, lots of changes! We really miss you guys. Congratulations on your new home. It is beautiful! And Sandy is a nice place--my parents live there. We're happy you are all doing well.
The Asay's

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Well, a tardy post is better than no post at all! We sure miss you guys. Your new house looks beautiful and I'm glad you guys are so happy.


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