Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I'm tired of looking at my top five, but can't really think of a good theme for a new one. Here's what's up anyway:

1. My only goal for the year is to not get any fatter. I'm not going to set myself up for failure by saying I'm going to lose the 50 pounds I need to, I'm aiming low this time...
2. Is it March yet? Can't wait for Roger to be done with all these crazy hours so we can see what he looks like in daylight again.
3. Why oh why did they cancel Pushing Daisies? Yep I know I should have better things to do than watch TV, but it was my favorite show ok?
4. I wish I had an unlimited craft budget. I see so many things on the internets that I wanna make, but I don't always have the funds to do so.
5. I'm so happy and grateful to be able to spend my days with my three beautiful little ones. I've been asked a couple of times in the last week if I work and I'm so happy to say no. Yes sometimes I think it would be so nice to have a second income, but then I remember how I would completely fall apart at the seams if I had to drop the kids at daycare everyday, that's not for me.



I'm so glad you're nosy too and found my blog haha. You're kids are SO cute! I didn't even know you were having a little boy until he was born, Oma was talking about him haha. They're all adorable! I'm glad to see you guys are doing good!

Brittany said...

I am so with you on the pushing daisies. And I also would like to not get fatter. I also wish it was March, mostly for better weather but you having Roger home more will make me happy. I do not need a craft budget, but it makes me happy that you do. I love your cute little kids and am grateful for mine. Good list Chels.

Kari said...

Great list Chels! Love the honesty and I'm so with you on the not setting yourself up for failure bit. Aim low, then any progress is a huge accomplishment! Cute kids!!

Mandy said...

You're so funny!

Here's my sister-in-law's list of New Year's Resolutions:

Be more humble- tell self how humble I am every day
Be more spiritual- stop passing notes during church
More Kindness- use kinder words when yelling at the children
Eat more veggies- buy carrot cake
Eat more fruit- pop tarts
Get in Shape- use new ping pong table
Eat Lighter- out with the pound cake in with the angle food cake
Feed the Hungry- put out bird feeder
Smile More Often- read more blogs
Be on Time- Practice with metronome
Complain less- put advil in purse

I'm glad you're posting pictures of Luke, because I hardly see you at church! I almost didn't recognize Ashby from the back today. Did you straigten her hair, or are the curls really gone?

Windy said...

those are a great top 5 things. I have to work luckily I get to work from home but it is still stressful. You do have 3 adorable children and you are still beautiful!!

Suzy said...

I'm with ya! Especially on numbers 1 & 5!