Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What have we been doing?

Do the days all run together for anyone else? I have been terrible at taking pictures lately, but honestly it doesn't really feel like there has been anything picture worthy. I decided to change that today and just take some pictures of the randomness that goes on in our lives from day to day. Is anyone else a HUGE sucker for the dollar spot at Target? Anyone, anyone? just me... ok. Well anyway Avery got three little bottles of nail polish and finally decided to use some today. She did such a great job applying it. It was so fun watching her try to figure out how to put nail polish on her right hand fingernails using her left hand. It's hard for me and I have way more experience. She did such a good job. The only place she ended up with nail polish that didn't belong was her lips... yep, lips. Here's the finished project. Man will someone please clean up this room?

The girls always enjoy playing school. They've been pretty into it this last week. I guess I shouldn't complain because they will do that instead of watching TV, but look at that mess. That little table doesn't even belong in there. Ashby moves it every time they want to play. She usually hurts herself in the process which requires tons of whining for band aids, but I should just be glad they are playing so well together, right?

As for Roger and I, it's playoff season. This means lots of staying up way too late to watch games. Roger has become quite the Utah Jazz fan in the last couple of years. They played the Lakers in their last series and what a pain because it meant incredibly late games. We were up until well after 1 am a couple of times last week watching, it was killing me. They were eliminated over the weekend, which was too bad, but means more sleep for us. One of the most fantastic things about living in Pittsburgh is the Penguins. As a lifelong hockey fan living in Utah, it's astounding to be some place where people actually care about hockey. The Pens are huge here and I love it. We have joyfully jumped on the bandwagon and will be lifelong fans. They are playing for the Stanley Cup against Detroit beginning on Saturday. It's going to be such a fun series. We used to follow the Colorado Avalanche when we lived in Utah. They played Detroit in many a playoff series, so we are quite familiar with those crazy Red Wings. It's going to be fun to see how Chris Osgood, a blast from the past, plays against a very young Penguins team.

See, wasn't that random?


Nancy Sabina said...

You are NOT the only one who is a sucker for the dollar spot. My Mom is always teasing me because she loves to buy stuff there for her grandkids but knows that my kids will already have it!

Love the randomness - it's good to just see a picture of your life.

Kawowski said...

We too are suckers for the dollar spot you can't walk through Target without stopping there first! I too the love the day to day randomness, we all have it! Also Sean too was up watching the Jazz games (like I could stay up you know me, although I am getting better Chels, you would be so proud :0)

pearlsandchocolate.com said...

Darling kids! Love the target dollar section! But it is dangerous, all those dollars add up fast!