Thursday, July 12, 2007

A few of my favorite things

Yesterday was haircut day. Ashby's turned out very cute. I love how much her curls spring up after a cut. I didn't cut as much off of Avery's as I could have, but it's still cute. They both are suprisingly good at sitting still for a cut, that's a huge help.

I also just wanted to share one of my favorite things. I love when my kids draw people. Ashby started drawing them while we lived in Virginia and Avery just started a couple of weeks ago. I love the big round heads with arms and legs. I will definitely feel sad when they start drawing people how they really look. Avery's picture is on the left and Ashby's on the right. Ashby drew our house and each family member. Apparently there is one extra family member, no this isn't an annoucement, just wishful thinking on Ashby's part!

We have part of our wall in the playroom painted with chalkboard paint. The girls don't use it a ton, but every once in a while we get some great pictures. I took this a few days ago, it's Avery's interpretation of the family. I love it so much and will cherish these pictures forever!

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Nancy Clark said...

Chels - Thanks for sharing the artwork! It took Tommy a long time to figure out people drawing. My favorite is the arms coming out where the ears should be! Michael still hasn't drawn a circle, so I guess we should be working on that, huh?